Intro & No-Waste College Prep pt. 1

Welcome to my blog.

My name is John. I am a college student. Woohoo.

I am 19 years old and I have been in college for very nearly 2 years. As of late, I have become monstrously aware of the insane amount of trash that I, as a college student commuter, produce day to day. My goal is to stop that.

More about me, I am a music major. Specifically, I will be transferring into a 4-year university for a BM in Voice Performance, a strictly classical music degree. I love French, German, and Russian music. Specifically, Ravel, Saint Saëns, Schubert, Strauss, Scriabin, and Prokofiev. And, I want to be an opera singer.

I am also a visual artist, mainly photography & graphic design, and I may post some of that on this blog.

However, my goal is to be 90% waste free by the time I transfer to my 4-year university. So, part of the initial point of this blog is to take you on this journey with me to zero trash.

College Prep:

So, being a college student involves a ton of trash. Textbooks, notebooks, notecards, assignments, sheet music, flyers, handouts, pamphlets, catalogs, magazines, coffee cups, ramen cups, plastic wrap, ziploc bags, pencils, pens, art materials maybe, cheap t-shirts, syllabi, and it goes on and on.

I’ve already begun my Guide for College Students, but I have not yet implemented all of those tips, and as I am transferring I am hoping to implement them as much as I can.

The rules:

  1. No unecessary paper.
    1. No notebooks. I will take notes on a tablet.
    2. No printed syllabi. Refuse them.
    3. No flyers, handouts, pamphlets, or other free trash. Refuse them. They’re really not necessary. Or, ask if you can take a photo of the handout on your phone if it has really good information.
    4. No physical textbooks. I will get eBook texts as much as possible or at least a rented or used textbook.
    5. Ask to email assignments to professors.
    6. Keep schedule and planner on my computer, tablet, and phone.
  2. Carry only a small bag of essentials. For me as a voice/music major this includes:
    1. One round ring Naked Binder which contains my sheet music, which I’ve printed double sided on biodegradable paper.
    2. A second D-ring Naked Binder which I use for music theory class which contains staff paper printed on biodegradable paper.
    3. My black choral folder and music.
    4. My (soon to be obtained) iPad or laptop for note taking, reading textbooks, and such.
    5.  2-4 eco-friendly, refillable pens and mechanical pencils for taking tests, signing things, and marking my sheet music.
    6. A stainless steel water bottle.
    7. Usually, a homemade snack in a cloth bag.
    8. Homemade lip balm & hand cream. I’ll post my own recipes later.
    9. Glasses case and cleaning cloth.
    10. In the hotter months I carry a bottle of homemade toner and some reusable cotton pads to clean my face.
    11. That’s it. Okay, maybe that seems like more than some people. But, I’m sort of high maintenance, sorry, not sorry. Fathomably, you don’t need any of this, depending on your preferences, schedule, major, etc. This is just me at full capacity. Sometimes I carry less. Sometimes more.
  3. No processed, packaged food. I don’t like ramen anyway so. Typically I eat a lot of raw fruit, which is very easy to make quickly, but for other more meals, I use a slow cooker. Super easy and essential for the modern college student. I will post a bigger post on zero waste eating and groceries while in college later and link to it here.
  4. No disposable eating ware. Yes, that means no plastic, red, Solo cups.


So, I will continue this series later in this order as I go about my preparation for transferring into big-boy school.

Stay tuned for:

Part 2: Zero Waste College Dorm Shopping & Living

Part 3: Zero Waste College Eating & Grocery Shopping

Maybe more parts later:

See ya.



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