Guide for College Students


Being waste free as a college student can be tricky. As a college student of 2 years, I am still learning, but here’s my top tips.

  1. Stay hydrated with a reusable water bottle. This is just college 101.
  2. Refuse and reduce your paper consumption as much as possible.
    1. During things like welcome week, refuse free trash. Just say no thanks. Refuse printed paper syllabi from your teachers. If they really, really insist, smile, take the paper and recycle it later.
    2. Buy your textbooks as digital textbooks or used or rent them. It’s usually cheaper, makes less books in your bag, and really helps.
    3. Take notes on the computer or a digital tablet or record lectures. Yet again, less crap in your bag. I used to have a notebook and textbook for every class and it got heavy. Try Noteshelf or Evernote.
    4. Always ask professors if you can email them assignments. If you must, print your papers and such on biodegradable, eco friendly paper. Also, and this is less likely, see if you can take exams and quizzes online. Less paper and work for everyone.
    5. Keep your schedule and planner, are you ready for this, on your tablet, phone, or computer. Boom. No paper planner and less crap in your bag.
  3. Pens, pencils, and the like.
    1. Use either eco friendly pencils or mechanical pencils. Neither one is perfect, but better than regular pencils. Best. Mechanical. Pencil. Ever.
    2. Try a refillable fountain pen like this one. They’re super nice and last longer.
    3. Use a stapleless stapler.
    4. For binders use a Naked Binder.
  4. Parties. If you are going to parties. I recommend taking your own cups or glasses for beverages, and just eating with your hands. If you full on bring your own plates and stuff that’ll just look too weird. Just socialize. Don’t worry so much about eating and drinking. Worry more about the people.
  5. Ride a bike. It’s good exercise, wastes less energy, saves you money you don’t have, and is just refreshing.
  6. For the dorm.
    1. Get a good selection of reusable dinnerware and such.
    2. Get second hand or eco friendly furniture…

More coming soon…